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Multicoin – The All in One Cryptocurrency

Token with real Crypto Asset Value backing

Multicoin real value to tokens,Multicoin is generating a pool of Crypto Currency funds through its ICO. The value of these funds shall be assigned to all Tokens issued.

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MLC Coin - Real VALUE to Tokens


Innovation in Crypto Investments


MLC (MultiCoin ) is a Ethereum base token created by Multicoin Fintech Inc. registered incorporation setup in global financial capital Hong Kong, a Company run by professional fund managers and Crypto currency experts.


MLC ( MultiCoin ) as the name suggests is an “MultiCoin” coin. Instead of buying different Tokens and Coins, simply buy only one token which will have a price effect of all the top traded high demand coins. Funds raised in MultiCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be pooled into Top 5 High demand cryptocurrencies, which will hold these funds and the value of these funds shall be assigned to all Tokens issued.


Further we will trade the cryptocurrencies raised in the ICO in Top 5 cryptocurrencies and the profits generated by the cryptocurrency trading will be compounded into the ICO token value and shared with the token holders.


We are committed to bringing trusted world class investment options for everyone, enabling you to easily participate and benefit from the exponential growth in the crypto currency market.



The MultiCoin Investment Portfolio


Ready-made solutions for profiting from cryptocurrencies




Investing in cryptocurrencies is all the rage on financial markets these days. Due to constantly growing demand, these are currently some of the most profitable and popular assets for investment. The market cap for cryptocurrencies has already surpassed 100 billion USD. Bitcoin is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies, having increased several times in value just in the last year.

Multicoin has therefore created an ERC20 Token for its clients; the Multicoin ICO Tokens, which includes some of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin,Ethereum, Dash and Bitcoin cash. Discover the possibilities of earning with new instruments!



A token is a unit of measurement that represents an investor’s share of the assets in the cryptocurrency investment portfolio. The value of one token depends on the overall value of the portfolio.Source: "Multicoin ICO Token"


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Market Rates





Multicoin - The All in One Cryptocurrency (MLC)



Increased interest in cryptocurrencies is causing them to appreciate in value,which in turn can provide you with high potential returns.


Investing is simple: you acquire the tokens through the purchase of digital tokens to your Myetherwallet or imToken wallet.


The minimum sum for investment is just 0.015 USD.

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